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What to Look for When Caring for Your Lexus Battery

Batteries are important for your Lexus model, but are often overlooked. Our team at Hendrick Lexus Kansas City can help you take care of your battery and help it to always perform how you need it to. A dying battery can hurt your driving experience, dimming your lights and making it more difficult to turn over. We are here to help your battery have the longest lifespan, ensuring it will give you the best experience for years to come.

How to Extend the Life of Your Lexus Battery

Batteries will usually last for three to five years, but your driving habits and the environment can change that. Going short distances, having many different electronics running, leaving lights on, and leaving your vehicle shut off in the cold for too long can hurt your battery.

While these are things that will hurt the life of your battery, there are also visible signs that will indicate that you need a new battery soon. Corrosion around the terminals, lights that are dimmer than usual, or trouble starting your vehicle are all things that you should look for if you think your battery will need to be replaced soon.

Have Questions About your Lexus Battery? Our Experts are Here to Help.

The team of technicians at our Merriam, KS Lexus dealership will be able to answer your questions whether that's about your battery, an oil change, a brake repair, or a tire rotation. Letting your battery die can ruin a road trip, leaving your car dead in a parking lot somewhere, but we want to ensure that is something that you are able to avoid.

It is not possible to avoid all the detrimental things for your battery, but you can choose our team to care for it. We encourage you to visit our dealership whenever you think your battery is on its way out so that we can give you the confidence that you need for your time behind the wheel.

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